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Momentum is a word that made a bit of a come back some time ago. And for good reason.

Recently, in one of the businesses I am involved in, I was reminded of how much of a great driver momentum is. However momentum doesn’t just happen by chance, nor is it fuelled by indifference.

The spark of momentum must be firstly recognised, then pounced upon by the leadership and once it is working it must be given the oxygen of team involvement.

Quite often the first two stages are achieved but a lack of team involvement can effectively snuff out the real exponential growth. This is where the snow ball is really gathering pace.

The involvement of the team, can involve team events, meetings, positive emails about what is happening, facebook, twitter, and general team focus on the part of the business that has the momentum. Keep it in front of everyone involved.

Once you have it – don’t just take advantage – take MASSIVE advantage.

Momentum really can turn around a business. What are you doing TODAY that is driving momentum in what you are doing? Just saying….

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