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Lying in bed, I had just finished telling my wife that I was returning back to the gym after the holiday season for my 5am starts, and I explained my theory about how to achieve more in 2012.

The day before I had started my planning for the year. This time of the year there are plenty of blogs about planning for the year ahead, unfortunately may people do set goals for the year but fail to follow through. The only way to make sure you achieve what you set out to do is to continually not only set goals, but to set out strategies to achieve them. What I try and do is set aside a few hours on the first Monday of each month and go access all my goals for the year and challenge myself as to how I am going to get them done.

The planning day consists of looking at each area of my life:
– Family
– Health
– Business / Work
– Personal Growth
– Spiritual

and make notes on each area under three headings:

– Successes
– Failures
– Challenges

So I look at the areas I have been successful in the last month, where I have failed and what will be the challenges for the month ahead. I then spend a good deal of time, setting up an immediate action list to work on.

If you do this at the start of every month, you will certainly achieve a lot more in 2012.

Anyway back to the 22 days. I figure that if I get up an hour earlier than I normally would, then over the year I have just gained 3654 hours. If the average person is awake say 16 hours then I have just made an extra 22 days for the year – imagine what you could with an extra 22 days than everyone else.

Now if I can only get two hours extra I would be up to 44 days!

Maybe when you read all the stories about successful people getting up and going early, they may not be so much smarter, but have a month and a half more each year to achieve their goals. Just saying….

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