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One of my main sales philosophies is based on the simple premise – “No I have, Yes I might get”.

Most of the time we do our best to complicate everything. Especially in Sales. WHY?

Sales is about offering your best solution to someone’s problem. It is not setting up a complicated formula. Yes there are techniques about how to best present your offering in a favourable light. However if you truly believe in what you are selling, it is more about presenting your service/product and then asking for the order. That’s it people!

Yes there is formulas for achievement in sales and prospecting but lets not confuse that with the simple process of making a sale. In another blog I will explore what you can do to help more people say yes – but you have to get this basic idea first. All the processes in the world will not work if you don’t ask for the sale.

One of the most common frustrations sales managers have with sales people is they simply do not ask for the sale, get the deposit, obtain the order – however you want to say it. However early in my sales career, I learnt that if I didn’t ask for the order then I already had a NO! The worst I could get by asking for the order was exactly what I had already. There is no rejection there. Just think if you give the customer the opportunity they might actually say yes – what a concept!

When you drill it down the “no I have, yes I might get” is really a philosophy that can affect all parts of life. I guess it means “there is no harm in asking”.

Just think of all the things you could ask for in life. What if just 10% of people started saying yes to questions you could but wouldn’t normally ask, would that make a difference? Just saying…

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