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Technology – Friend or Foe

Life is strange sometimes. I decided to start writing a blog again today and I looked back to my very first blog (late bloomer) and it was almost 10 years ago in the seaside town of Airlie beach when I was on holiday. I really wanted to work out what it was all about and put down some thoughts for myself later.

Almost to the day (well I’m 1 days earlier), I’m sitting back in Airlie Beach about to start blogging again. It’s a known fact humans grasp to find both patterns and coincidences. Well that’s mine for the day.

That first blog in June 2011 was a super quick thought on technology (Away on Holidays). How could we imagine how much it would shape our lives and with “life with COVID” how much it would change how we interact both in business and in our personal lives.

Contrary to what some people think, it is neither good nor bad, it just is. Like fire, which can provide warmth and keep life alive or it can burn down an entire forest and kill almost all life in its path.

COVID provided a test for technology. While there were some companies using technology to conduct meetings and deliver value to customers, they were in the minority. Within the space of a few months, thousands of businesses, educational institutions and others converted to delivering their products and services, both internally and externally almost entirely through technology and the internet. No one could have predicted the sheer speed in which this was implemented mostly successfully.

Yet many crave a break from technology, never before has there been so many health retreats to help reset the body and mind, and what is the usual first rule you hear? No phones, internet or technology. 

How many experts and studies are now showing us the negative impact of kids from a young age. You see it everywhere you go, kids with their heads stuck in their phones not even aware of anything happening in their environment. Last thing they often look at night and the first thing in the morning is their phone. There is now a define issue of “Smartphone addiction” 

So is it really causing us as much angst as it is delivering value to us as a global community. Don’t know, however anything that can cause an addiction needs to be monitored to ensure it is not having a detrimental impact on your life. Saying get rid of your phone is like saying don’t use a car – walk, but if your really cant go a day without getting the sweats on when not using your smart phone, maybe its still to self assess.

Instead of waiting until there is AA for phone use, maybe try and see if you can have a break for a day or two from social media and maybe if your game anything on your phone other than taking important calls. 

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