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On the weekend I went to the cinema to see that new movie “In Time”. The movie was ok, however the concept was fascinating!

It started out with nothing on the screen for 15 minutes so being too comfortable in my chair I called the cinema on my iphone, the conversation went something like this…

“Hi, it’s Darren here, do you have ‘In Time’ running tonight in Cinema 4?

Yes we do – it running right now actually.

No, I’m in cinema 4 and it is not actually running.

Oh, no worries I will have a projectionist get it working now.”

So for 15 minutes the whole cinema just sat there when all the ads and shorts were obviously supposed to be running, until I called, and then all that was skipped and within a minute of my call the movie was running.

The really ironic part is that the movie was all about the value of time!

Anyway back to the movie.

Although a little lacking on story line, and an obvious Hollywood future Robin Hood story, the concept was fascinating. People living day to day knowing exactly how much time they have to live, down to the second. From people with a day to live right up to those with centuries to live, all stuck at the so called perfect age of 25. It was interesting, one comment was along the lines – you tend to run more during the day when you only have a day to live…

The best part was the whole concept of spending and earning time instead of money. How much would you expect to earn for a days work – another day, week, month? One hooker offered “I’ll give you an hour if you pay me ten minutes” – now how does that work? A slow death? Interesting parallel to both social attitudes and desperation of money today.

If you had to pay in minutes, hours, days or even years for things, it would have to make you think. How much time would you pay for lunch if you only had a week left to live, 20 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours? More interesting is how long would you let someone ramble on talking garbage to you for, if you only had a few days to live – I bet not long!

There was an interesting take on the social/economic classes of society, with the implementation of time zones, but I will leave the rest of that for you to watch.

I know I have talked on time before, but just maybe we should be using with a bit more care. Just saying….

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