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Interesting what was a dominant headline last week in the tabloids and most media. The banning of international exporting of live stock. You’re kidding me right!

Yet every 26 seconds somewhere around the world a CHILD is trafficked, and most sold into sex slavery! That’s 3323 children every day on my calculations.

We are concerned about tracking a cow and how it is killed somewhere overseas for food yet no one is tracking the 3323 children that are sold as slaves around the world EACH DAY. I am all for the humane slaughtering of animals but come on people.

What have we become? Shame on our politicians, shame on us!

There are organizations out there trying to make a difference like Christine Caine and her A21 Campaign, and companies like Destiny Rescue, they should be applauded and supported. I will post a link on my twitter about how you can help save children from sex slavery for just $40 with one of these companies. (My Twitter Account is

Maybe our politicians could put those tracking devices to better use. Just saying….

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