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I was recently discussing with a collegue about a couple of topical issues – like whether the world’s super power can afford to keep its doors open or not. My comment was isn’t it a fantastically interesting time we live in. And I meant it!

Then I thought some more about it. Why are so many people worried about things they have absolutely no control over? How is my worrying about going to add value to the situation?

What is more exciting is what opportunities will it bring.

For example who loves a bit of a share market crash? Well let me put it another way who loves it when their favorite retail shop puts a half price off everything sale? That’s how I look at it anyway.

Banking collapses, share market crashes, property booms, political struggles, interest rate changes, soaring exchange rates, opportunities galore!

Somehow I can’t see the world’s super power not being able to pay its bills but imagine if it’s financial system collapsed – this might sound sadistic – but now that would be exciting!

Maybe it’s time to worry less and live more, just saying….

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